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ONpaper: The music universe

»music management & economy« Listeners, musicians, music labels, publishers, radio stations, streaming services, recordshops, concert organisers and collecting societies – they are all part… Read More

ONpaper: How do I become more creative?

»music management & economy« A muscle training for creativity from work to chance The term creativity is on everyone’s lips again these days. Our… Read More

ONpaper: Time and self management

»music management & economy« Tomorrow is the application deadline! Where is that email? What did Fred want from meagain? Wasn’t that already cleared up?… Read More

Mik Quantius »Improplausch 2« (with Lori Goldston)

Foto: Finkelbert Second episode of Mik Quantius’ Improplausch series. This time as a guest in Mik’s kitchen: the American cellist Lori Goldston. The first 24… Read More