OPEN CALL – ON After School

ON After School – Open Call

Until April 30, artists and publicists can apply for the ON After School mini-grant. With the grant, participants can develop workshops from their own working methods, which will then be given at the After School Festival in August.

What is ON After School?

ON After School is a platform for the exchange of knowledge in the independent music and sound art scene. Artists and writers from the field of new and experimental music and sound art are invited to share their specific working methods with colleagues, collaborators and interested guests, which they have developed in the first years of their professional practice – from playing and singing techniques, building instructions for self-made instruments, research, writing and improvisation methods, to approaches to reconciling freelance work with obligations such as care or wage work. ON After School locates itself outside academic sites of learning and teaching, and within current realities of artists’ and writers’ lives and work, where various forms of scarcity (time, space, money, networks, residence perspectives) are part of reality.


ON After School is two things: a mini-grant and a workshop festival. The mini-grant gives artists and writers the opportunity to develop a half-day or full-day workshop based on their own working methods. The development period should last about 7 days from June to July and will be rewarded with 1000€. How the 7 days are divided over the two months is up to the grant holders themselves. The grant enables the scholarship holders to prepare their methods and to reflect on the structures they have developed in order to be able to pursue their freelance work. This results in half-day or full-day workshops, which will be given during the After School Festival.

In July the »Beta Version« will take place: a joint meeting of all workshop leaders and the jury team, where the participants can present their workshop to each other and give each other feedback.


The After School Festival will take place from August 17-19. On August 17 and 18 there will be 2 artistic and 1 writing workshop. On each evening there will be an open dinner for the workshop participants as well as for uninvolved visitors, where invited moderators will hold table talks with the workshop leaders. On August 19, there will be an open festival day with concerts, performances and readings, where results from the workshops can also be presented.

In summary: What we offer

A grant of 1000€ for the development of a workshop
Feedback and exchange with the other fellows during the »Beta-Version«
A working space if needed
Technical equipment from the ON Cologne rental
A fee of 300€ for a half-day workshop or 500€ for a full-day workshop

Who can apply?

Artists (musicians, composers, sound artists) and publicists (musicologists, journalists and writers in the field of music and sound art) living in North Rhine-Westphalia, who are in the first approx. ten years of their professional work practice, can apply alone or in duos.

We also encourage artists and writers who have professionalized outside of academia to apply.

How to apply?

To apply, please submit the following documents via mail to in the form of a PDF:

Contact information (name, address, email, and phone number).

3 samples of your work (video and sound files as links only)

Answers to our questionnaire:

What is your practice as an artist or writer? (max. 140 words)
Which working method would you like to share and why could the method be interesting for others? (Max. 200 words)
What experience do you already have in guiding others? (Max. 140 words)
Describe an environment of learning (e.g., a place, scene, or person) that has influenced you in your artistic or writing development. (Max. 200 words)

Applications are accepted in English and German.

Time schedule

Open Call Start: March 01
Open Call closing date: April 30
Notification of applicants: May 25
Implementation period: June – July
Beta version: July 21
Festival: August 17-19

Who is ON Cologne?

ON Cologne is a non-profit cultural institution and an active network in the field of new and experimental music based in Cologne. ON Cologne works with the independent scene for an active cultural life within the city society towards an open, dynamic and sustainable cultural landscape of the future. In doing so, we see ourselves as an equal part of the multitude of cultural forms of expression.