Actors in Cologne’s new and experimental music can benefit from various support services offered by ON Cologne. ON Cologne offers access to three rehearsal rooms, free equipment rental, the micro-scholarship, free workshops and advice on planning and implementing music projects.

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Anyone with questions about writing a funding application or implementing a project in Cologne can get advice at the ON Cologne office by making an appointment.
Contact person: Daniel Mennicken


Musicians and ensembles have the opportunity to reserve rehearsal times in our three rehearsal rooms for a small fee. The rehearsal rooms are located in Buchheim, Südstadt and Quartier am Hafen in Poll.
Contact: Wiebke Spieker


Musicians and event organisers can borrow event equipment from our stock after pre-registration. Please send us (if possible) the pre-filled rental form by e-mail.
Contact: Wiebke Spieker


Short-term feasibility funding for projects of the independent scene

With the microgrant, short-term failures and unexpected challenges in the realisation of a project can be absorbed. Small amounts are often enough to realise artistic projects, small concerts, experiments and laboratory situations without the artists involved having to pay extra in the end. By contributing funds for accommodation, travel and/or fees, ON Cologne strengthens the cooperation between ON and local artists in short-term projects. With a relatively manageable financial outlay, sustainability can be achieved for the development of Cologne as a city of music by realising new, creative and innovative approaches to artistic work.

Projects that are supported in this way are also accompanied by ON with extensive public relations measures and thus receive even more attention. Our #microgrant (Mikrostipendium) can be applied for all year round, even at short notice, without deadlines and informally.

Contact: Daniel Mennicken