ChezON with Jiyun Park

Foto: S.Ruppiger / KHM

We are very happy to have Jiyun Park as a guest at ChezON in April!

In her work, sound artist and composer Jiyun Park explores how materials such as pipes, copper or bronze plates can become sound bodies. In the process, she creates instruments that can never be fully controlled.
At ChezON, Jiyun will present some of her selfbuilt instruments, and talk about how she approaches the materials through experimentation, testing out ways to play the instruments live.

Wed April 12, 2023

ChezON at the office of ON Cologne
Alte Feuerwache (Branddirektion)

Jiyun Park bei einem Auftritt im Performance Garten

Jiyun Park (1990, South Korea) is a sound artist and composer living in Cologne, Germany. After her academic training in multimedia design at Hanyang University in South Korea, she deepened her exploration of media art at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne.
There she developed an approach to sound that is characterised by spatial composition, self-made instruments, voice and synthesizers. By experimenting with different materials, she explores sensory and synaesthetic states in search of hidden and inherent sounds, spatial acoustics and performances to cross borders in relation to space and time.
Her works are mostly influenced by the threshold of perception in her environment. She also initiates collaborative performances that often communicate via data or human-sound interaction.

In our workshop series ChezON we open the doors of our office for work-in-progress insights, small lectures or musical experiments. Every month we invite an artist to give us an insight into his or her work. ON Cologne provides drinks and a cozy atmosphere!

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