ChezON with Joreng Boi

ChezON is back from summer break, and we are happy to announce our first fall guest: Joreng Boi (Hyemin Jung), sound designer and multidisciplinary artist from Cologne!

It/She has been working on producing soundtracks and post-production mixing for documentary films and animation films and playing on live stages in theatre spaces and contemporary dancing fields.
Currently, its/her research direction aims to explore the memory of spatial information by recording convolution echos in space and playing DIY musical instruments in various environments.

At ChezON, Joreng will discuss how different room situations affect the sound designer and the auditory-focused audience. Jorengs methodology of listening has the title »Spatial rhythm studies«.

Joreng at MMIII Kunstverein Mönchengladbach, improvisation with No-Input-Mixer and Yes-Input-Mixer
Joreng’s protoype violin

WED 13 September
From 7 pm
At the office of ON Cologne in the Alte Feuerwache Cologne.

In our workshop talk series we open the doors of our office for work in progress insights, small talks or musical experiments. Every month we invite an artist to give us an insight into his or her work. ON Cologne provides drinks and a cozy atmosphere!

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