ChezON with Kai Niggemann

Photo: Nina Gschlößl

Soundartist Kai Niggemann is our March guest at ChezON – attention, this time on a Thursday!

At ChezON Kai will present the work with the Paradeiser Geräuschchor (Paradeiser Noise Choir). It was last used in the production »Die Magische Care:Maschine« (Alte Feuerwache Cologne, 2022). The soundtrack of the piece can be described as a mixture of noise choir, Buchla Electric Music Box and pop music.

The noise choir is a choir that produces sounds only with its voice. It does not sing or speak, but creates textures, sounds, rhythms and noises. Kai Niggemann uses it as a kind of sampler, which comes along with a strong sonic coloration – the human one.

How Paradeiser Productions came to the choir, how Kai works with the choir as musical director, where the sounds come from and how you can become a member of the noise choir – all this is the topic of this evening.

Kai Niggemann (he/him) is a sound artist from Cologne. His lively-pulsating and poetic-organic music arises from Deep Listening, clear hearing. It is a metamorphosis of electronic music, created in the moment, improvised live. It transcends boundaries of ambient and noise into the danceable and pulsating (and back). The music deliberately refuses to dissolve, no final chord, no turnaround, the “drop” is missing, the empty space wants to be filled in the ear of the listener. Music that psychoacoustically sucks in.

He often puts the sounds of his Buchla Electric Music Box in context with other sounds: voices, acoustic instruments, vintage drum computers, tape and other loops or his personal 25+years field recording archive from around the world.

Kai plays solo and in various bands and projects, makes music for musical theater, dance and other performing arts, as well as radio plays, radio and film music. He is part of the music theater label Paradeiser Productions, a member of the jazz/kraut/noise collective The Dorf, and one half of the duo Dunkelwellen (with Conni Trieder, flute & electronics). He has performed live and released recordings in many countries.

Thursday March 9

ChezON at the ON Cologne office
Alte Feuerwache (Branddirektion)

In our workshop series ChezON we open the doors of our office for work-in-progress insights, small lectures or musical experiments. Every month we invite an artist to give us an insight into his or her work. ON Cologne provides drinks and a cozy atmosphere!

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