ChezON with Nathalie Brum

Photo: Wjatscheslaw Brum

Nathalie Brum is our February guest at ChezON! The sound artist and architect will talk about acoustic art in public spaces. What does it mean to change spaces in their perception? Appropriating public spaces with art as a woman? As part of ChezON, she will speak about her works «Gesang der Maschinen» (2021) at and in the opera house in Wuppertal and «Von Mund zu Ohr Von Blau zu Gold» (2022) at Hoeschplatz in Düren. Her audiovisual works turn invisible and inaudible infrastructures inside out, seeking loss of control in confrontation with everyday life.

Documentation of Nathalie Brum’s work «Von Mund zu Ohr Von Blau zu Gold». Photo: Philip Kistner

For Nathalie Brum (*1988, Katowice), sound and space form a unity. She loves fluid transitions: from everyday life to art, from one sound to the next, from public to institutional space. Brum understands her site-specific installations as instruments for new spatial perception and appropriation. She transforms sounds of hidden infrastructures into acousmatic compositions: two-dimensional, flowing and merging with the space. She places her installations in public and institutional space. Material that she takes from the place is transformed in her works and implemented again at the place of origin. She describes the musical style of her flat, flowing, and site-specific sound installations made of sounds specific to the space as subversive ambient.

In 2014, Brum completed her master’s degree in architecture at RWTH Aachen University and worked in several architectural offices in Cologne and Rotterdam until 2021. Since completing her master’s degree in «Klang und Realität» at the Institute for Music and Media at the Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf, she has been a freelance artist, architect and journalist. In 2019 she founded the fanzine «grapefruits» about female composers and sound artists together with artist, musician and graphic designer Elisa Metz. Nathalie Brum is a laureate of the «Förderpreis NRW für Nachwuchskünstler:innen» in the visual arts category and has received several grants and scholarships, including from the Deutschlandstipendium, Musikfonds, Kunststiftung NRW and the #TakeHeart Fonds für Darstellende Künste.

Wednesday February 8

ChezON at the ON Cologne office
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In our workshop series ChezON we open the doors of our office for work-in-progress insights, small lectures or musical experiments. Every month we invite an artist to give us an insight into his or her work. ON Cologne provides drinks and a cozy atmosphere!

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