Mik Quantius »Improplausch 1« (with Jens Pollheide)

Photos: Patrick Essex (top), bottom via World Music Evolution

Mik Quantius likes to sing without words. “I always like to sing free. There’s too much information these days. You forget about the basics.” We are excited that in his two podcast episodes, Mik did an exception and even sings the bio of his first guest!⁠

In his first podcast, Mik (voice, e-violin, keyboard, cigarette paper) invites flutist and bass player Jens Pollheide into his kitchen. At the core of the conversation was gratitude for the life of Embryo founder and leader Christian Burchard, with whom the two of them had the chance to make countless tours.

Jens Pollheide is a flutist and bass player. He is a welcome musician at almost everything that has to do with world music and mixing of different forms of improvisation in the Ruhr area. Jens plays in various formations, including the group Embryo.

Born 1968 in Cologne, vocalist Mik Quantius has been singing with famous and unfamous musicians for 40 years now – mostly in improvisation. He has been touring through Europe, the US and Indonesia. Since 15 years Mik also performs solo with various instruments.⁠

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Mastering by Kerim Butz