Kabelsalat – A good flow from A to B. Technical workshop for girls, women and queer people.

Whether in the rehearsal room, on stage or for spontaneous sessions in peculiar places: one thing is always missing. Sometimes it’s batteries, cables or a saving Y-adapter. The big question marks follow: 3.5 stereo, mini jack or banana plug? Is it possible to extend the MIDI? Two to the interface or with Bluetooth? Talking about music equipment, technical devices, connectors and connections always leads to misunderstandings and irritations. An adequate language about it and the knowledge of basic standard devices, plugs and cables helps to make oneself better understood, to ask the right questions and to save a lot of time for the greatest moments around making music.

A workshop about connections and technical workflows for girls, women and queer people.

WED 23 October
3-6 p.m.
At 674FM at Ubierring 13 in Cologne
Places are limited! Registration by mail to info@on-cologne.de. Participation is free of charge. The workshop can be held in German and English.

Waltraud Blischke works as a freelance author, DJ, artist and event organizer, among other things, and is also a lecturer at the Institute For Music And Media at the Robert Schumann University in Düsseldorf. Her teaching assignments include the areas of medial time forms, artistic text in music, sound art, film and radio play, narration and media aesthetics as well as acoustic research.