POLYMER – Reihe für Experimentalelektronik

Summer 2021. In four experimental setups the variables are being reorganized. Analogue-digital, human-animal, online-local, audio-visual, multimedial – we continue the POLYMER – Reihe für Experimentalelektronik with IV e+k. Newly developed instruments, young cooperations and long-nourished research projects are finally deployed and enhanced by four specific places. In front of the camera or as live installation they react to new combinations of sounds. Material and media remain endless.

»Telekinetic Dreams« Claudia Robles-Angel, Hubert Steins _ Projektraum Ebertplatz

»Songs for Seals« Maria Wildeis, Alisa Berger _ Robbenzentrum Föhr

»Hackmeck« Benjamin Grau, Vincent Michalke, Philipp Lack _ Labor Ebertplatz

»A.001« Tim Gorinski, Paul Faltz _ Kulturbunker Mülheim

Polymer is an concert series by ON – Neue Musik Köln based on a call from IV e&k supported by the city Cologne and the Ministry for Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.