Songs for Seals [POLYMER 2021]

Screenshot: Maria Wildeis, Alisa Berger

Glitch. Seals. Collage. Sounds of sleeping seals off the coast of Iceland, Greenland and the Arctic. Robbenzentrum Föhr, 360° and hydrophones. In their sleep, seals are sending messages of klicking, gliding, whisteling and percussive sounds through the water. The nautical calls are being composed into an otherworldly collage. Greenscreen, Karaoke-microphone, Roland SE-02, Monotrone, Xylophone, voice. In their expedition clothes Alisa Berger and Maria Wildice set out to a grand research project. Wildice-Berger and the Arctic Symphony.

Maria Wildeis is curator, sound artist, DJ and founder of various off spaces for contemporary art. She collaborates with sculptors, musicians, performers and installation artists and is organizing experimental and noise concerts. She curated die Digitale in 2019, was artistic director of the gallery Setareh in Dusseldorf and continues to guide a female artists’ exchange between Germany, Armenia and Georgia. Furthermore she DJs for Kompakt Records, Ancient Future in Eriwan, Armenia and Georgia and is part of female:pressure. At the moment she studies in the masters program »transmedial forms« at Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf.

Alisa Berger is a media artist and filmmaker. Her works mix documentary and fictional narrative structures to capture feedbacks of repressed nature, bodies and voices. Alisa studied film and visual arts at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM) and the Universidad Nacional de Colombia Bogotá. In 2011 she founded the performance duo BERGERNISSEN. Her work is presented at festivals and museums worldwide. Since 2020, Alisa hosts the radio show »Tripping« on and curates podcasts for Vinyl Delivery Service Tokyo and London. She has a long collaboration with Maria Wildeis in art projects and as a DJ. Alisa lives in Cologne and Tokyo.

Polymer is an concert series by ON – Neue Musik Köln based on a call from IV e&k supported by the city Cologne and the Ministry for Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.