Sophia Bauer »Things We Do 1« (with Hye Young Sin)

Photos: Sam Hopkins (top), Hye Young Sin (bottom)

In the next two episodes Sophia Bauer is going to introduce you to two artists she is currently collaborating with: Hye Young Sin and Raphael Kariuki.

Each episode is dedicated to one artist and their work. Both introduce themselves with the sound of their breath.

Sophia Bauer is a German artist living and working in Cologne and Nairobi.

Hye Young Sin is a Korean artist living and working in Cologne.

Every month ONpodcast offers a new perspective into the independent scene of Cologne. What it is about and who it is with is entirely up to the host: in two episodes they give us insights into their life and work within the experimental music scene and share conversation, stories and music.

Mastering by Kerim Butz