»Rohöl und summende Apparate« Tamon Yashima [BTHVN2020]

Grafiken: Philip Rose @ gisbert | Büro für Gestaltung nach einem Bild von Eva Jeske

Three young composers from the local scene have written a new piece for the ensemble hand werk
and »Wir bringen die Blase zum Platzen«. As part of our large BTHVN project, the three compositions
were originally to celebrate their premieres in a shopping mall in Cologne. In times of pandemic, they
turned into concert videos, which were recorded in an empty car dealership in Cologne-Ehrenfeld on
5th of June 2021. Now they are celebrating their premiere here on Youtube!

The three pieces created deal with the music of Ludwig van Beethoven in their own way. In
Tamon Yashima’s piece, the classical composer was originally present in old tape recordings that the
ensemble was to play back via radio sets. Noises play a major role in the oboist’s musical language
and the new composition »Rohöl und summende Apparate« [Crude Oil and Humming Apparatus] also uses dense noise tapes and interference sounds to create an industrial atmosphere.

With four musical interventions in urban space, »Wir bringen die Blase zum Platzen« was intended to
bring the independent scene into the centre of urban society, to tear contemporary music out of its
usual channels and to seek confrontation with a new audience with experimental sounds. Now we
can’t play in public places in Cologne, but with digital formats and window concerts we keep Ludwig
van Beethoven’s spirit of experimentation alive digitally as well.

»Wir bringen die Blase zum Platzen« is funded by BTHVN2020 with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media. In addition, ON gratefully acknowledges the kind support of the City of Cologne, the DOMFORUM, the Werbegemeinschaft Breite Straße GbR and the Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe KVB.