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ON After School – Offener Festivaltag

Wir feiern die erste ON After School mit Euch und laden Euch herzlich zum offenen Festivaltag ein! Egal, ob Ihr bei den Workshops dabei wart… Read More

ON After School: Liza Dries

Get ready for an exciting day-course where we'll delve into remaking a pop song, a great way to learn about music production and songwriting in a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) at the same time! Whether you're an aspiring music producer or already familiar with a DAW, this workshop provides you with production tools to remake a song, which could help you recreating the sounds you'd like. Read More

ON After School – Stipendiat:innen

Antonia Alessia Virginia Beeskow, Liza Dries, Heinrich Lenz, Lea Letzel, Alexis Ludwig, Florian Zeeh und Lennart Melzer sind Stipendiat:innen des ON After School Programms! Read More