We are a network that creates encounters and promotes the free experimental music scene in Cologne.

ON Events

In our section ON Events we inform you about current concerts of the independent contemporary music scene.
Concerts have been an integral part of the ON network from the very beginning. In addition to our own concert series and projects, the Events section also presents cooperations, network projects and individual projects in the diverse sphere of ON Cologne. At regular intervals throughout the year, we present individual concerts, weekend festivals or virtual video projects. The Cologne scene is diverse!
The current focus of ON Cologne's own projects is on the first edition of SPARK 2022 – Festival for Contemporary Music Theatre (7–10 April 2022).

ON Workshops

ON News

Actors of new and experimental music in Cologne can benefit from various supportive offers from ON Cologne. ON Cologne offers access to three rehearsal rooms, a free technic rental, the Mikrostipendium (micro-scholarship), free workshops as well as advice on planning and realizing music projects.
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ON Podcasts

The ON Podcast starts its third year and with every new episode broadens the horizon of conetemporary music and the indepedent scene. Every month we invite a new host to share a personal perspective on the life and work in the experimental music scene - and to enlarge it with friends, guests and stories, bit by bit and episode by episode - every other Wednesday on our Soundcloud.

ON Publications

Art without an audience is not art at all. That is why it is an important task of ON Cologne to increase the visibility and audibility of the diverse activities of our scene. Many smaller and often nonpermanent projects cannot provide the long-term access and development of a diverse public. In addition to our digital information channels, we therefore have various publications that regularly report on everyday life and events in the scene.
Although printed material comes out of the New Music bubble more easily, we need help to reach as broad a public as possible: You have a wellfrequented
windowstill, want to put out a few magazines after the concert or simply give some
reading material to friends? We are happy about any address to which we can send our anwesend magazine or the bi-monthly NOIES for further distribution! Let's go public

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Stay tuned, more projects will be here soon! :-)