ChezON with Alexis Ludwig (Graneg Sandpapier)

ChezON has found a new location! In 2024, the workshop talk series will take place in the new studio at Vogteistraße 18a. ChezON @ Vogteistraße will be kicked off by musician Alexis Ludwig aka Graneg Sandpapier aka Schlax with his artist talk about time.

WED Jan 17
7 PM
New location! Studio at Vogteistraße 18a, Cologne

At ChezON, Schlax will give a short review of his work from the last few years. The main part of the evening, however, is a live performance with sound and video projection. The theme: time – in the sense of disappearing, like an echo that slowly becomes quieter.

Time plays a prominent role in Alexis Ludwig’s work. The impression can arise: It is played with, stretched, pressed, repeated, sometimes even stopped. Self-developed analog synthesizers, hammered electric guitars and prepared field recordings form the recordings form the basic framework for an acoustic playing with time. Signals are layered and superimposed with several delays and other modulators, sometimes creating audible, tonal lives of their own in the machines away from AI systems. Improvised zones of relative calm and harmony are juxtaposed with the creaking of synthesis,
measured against each other…

The evening is a presentation of Alexis Ludwig’s current work and at the same time a small look back at the time before yesterday.

Alexis’ set up

Alexis Ludwig was born in Leipzig/GDR in 1978. He lives and works as a freelance musician, author, DJ and tinkerer in Cologne. Following the DIY concept, he taught himself to make music over the years in various punk and noise bands, away from high schools and music schools. At the same time, he developed his own ideas of sound spaces and music and researched in the field of electronics. He develops the instruments and effect devices that correspond to his idea of noise/sound himself. With the help of the artistic figure »Graneg Sandpapier«, he creates sound pieces from improvisations that deal with the concepts of time and zone. Here field recordings are used as well as shimmering guitar drones. In 2021, he founds the micro-label »Eremitenteam«, under whose auspices his recordings, a text tape and individual instruments/effects are distributed.

In the artist talk series ChezON, ON Cologne invites you to work-in-progress insights, short lectures or musical experiments. Every month, we invite an artist to give us an insight into their work. In 2024, ChezON is at home in the new sound art studio at Vogteistraße 18a in Cologne.

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