ChezON with Heinrich Lenz

Heinrich Lenz will be a guest at our ChezON artist talk series in February!

At ChezON, Heinrich will talk about his compositional practice, in particular his work with field recordings and found sounds, as well as his approach to compositions of great duration.

WED Feb 28
7 PM
Vogteistraße 18a, Cologne

Heinrich’s musical work is characterized by and oriented towards the structures found in the physical world around us. He is particularly fascinated by self-similarity, i.e. the repetition of similar patterns on different scales. In order to make this tangible in sound, he usually works with greatly reduced sound material that undergoes a variety of processes. It is stretched, broken down into its individual parts and transformed into a space that is made to resound by other sounds. The result is a sound image of high density, in which almost all elements are related to each other and whose limitations are transformed into freedom. Heinrich will use an example sound to illustrate his approach and finally outline how the results could be integrated into a composition or live performance.

Foto von Hans Schimmerohn

Heinrich Lenz, born in 1991, is a musician from Cologne. His special interest in ambient music grew out of his intensive involvement with very long forms of music. This deepened from 2015 through composition lessons, followed by studies in electroacoustic composition from 2016-2021 at the University of Music Weimar with Prof. Robin Minard. His special perspective on composition emerged from the combination of ambient, sound art and drone. Since 2018, he has regularly organized sleep concerts and created sound installations. From 2019 to 2020, he studied abroad at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and completed his Master’s degree in Electronic Composition at Folkwang University this year. He is the Digital Fellow of the Kulturforum Witten since 2024.

In the artist talk series ChezON, ON Cologne invites you to work-in-progress insights, short lectures or musical experiments. Every month, we invite an artist to give us an insight into their work. In 2024, ChezON is at home in the new sound art studio at Vogteistraße 18a in Cologne.