ChezON with Julio Lugon

For the October edition of ChezON we have invited interdisciplinary artist Julio Lugon!

During his ChezON talk, Julio will browse through some of his more recent work and some older projects that relate to sound, installation art and post-humanist philosophy.

During the last year Julio has been working with the concepts of balance and equilibrium. Through fiction he was making the ghosts of projects lost in the past resonate in the present so that they would have been worthwhile in the future. His work takes the form of a material and symbolic transformation that arises through processes from inside the atelier, physically and poetically connected with the outdoors, a landspace covered with vegetation and wildlife.

Julio Lugon’s work focuses on sound and conceptual art including installation, performance, electronics, biological data translation and graphics. He is interested in the integration of non-human beings (such as plants) into his work and researches their interactions with scientific-technical processes of knowledge production. His current projects deal with philosophical topics as with the challenges arising from social and ecological concerns. He has a master in Sound Studies from the UdK Berlin and was awarded first-prize at »Bonn Hoeren – Sonotopia 2019«, the sound art competition by the Beethoven Stiftung in Bonn, Germany. His works have been presented in Europe, South America and Asia. He also operates with the alias Pira Lemu as an experimental musician, DJ and has been host of the online show Radio Jurassic since 2018.

Installation view of »Aristotles Jungle«, 2018

WED 11 October
From 7 pm
At the office of ON Cologne in the Alte Feuerwache Cologne.

In our workshop talk series we open the doors of our office for work in progress insights, small talks or musical experiments. Every month we invite an artist to give us an insight into his or her work. ON Cologne provides drinks and a cozy atmosphere!

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