Damian T. Dziwis »Es gibt kein Richtiges […] im Falschen«

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Machine Autonomy in Music. How does artificial intelligence change our understanding of creativity and its results? Does the autonomous Automaton exist? And is that then still real art?

In his two episodes, Damian meets interdisciplinary scientist and artist Christian Faubel and composer and lecturer Christian Banasik.

Damian T. Dziwis is a composer and engineer at the intersection of disruptive technologies. In his works he uses artificial intelligence, generative algorithms, virtual environments and quantum computers. In the process, the use of multimedia content, acoustic instruments, acousmatics and live coding varies continuously. He is a lecturer at the Peter Behrens School of Arts where he teaches Creative Coding for audiovisual media. He is also doing his PhD at the TU Berlin and TH Köln in the field of Spatial Audio and Machine Learning for composition and immersive media.