»Fact and Fiction I« with Friedemann Dupelius

Photo: Pitt Wenninger

Friedemann Dupelius produces the two ONpodcast episodes in March! In every sound there is a little story about the world. In his two ONpodcast episodes, Friedemann navigates his way through the triangle of »sound – knowledge – fiction« and listens to what historical and fictional events a Swabian potato salad knows to schwätzen about.

Links: Ancient K-Salat. Rechts: Antoine Seigneret führt im Jahre 1701 die Kartoffel nach Württemberg ein

Friedemann Dupelius works with sound and language and describes his profession as Sonic Author. He studied in Karlsruhe at the Hochschule für Musik and at the Hochschule für Gestaltung, as well as Sound Studies at the University in Cologne.
As Friday Dunard, Friedemann Dupelius produces cross-genre electronic music, which he releases, performs live or mixes in DJ sets. Under the pseudonym Wednesday Dupont he creates radio plays, radio pieces, sound research, digital and acoustic texts for radio, festivals and internet.

Links: Kartoffelsalats Himmelfahrt. Rechts: Löffel voll K-Salat

Every month ONpodcast offers a new perspective into the independent scene of Cologne. What it is about and who it is with is entirely up to the host: in two episodes they give us insights into their life and work within the experimental music scene and share conversation, stories and music.

Mastering by Kerim Butz.