»Der Weg vom Geräusch zum Klang« mit Julia Runge

Last fall, Julia Runge did an internship with us. One of her tasks was to produce her own podcast. “Der Weg vom Geräusch zum Klang” is released today – listen to it on our Soundcloud profile!

In the podcast “Der Weg vom Geräusch zum Klang”, Jannis Carbotta and Julia Runge discuss when a noise becomes a sound. The interview tells a story of two people taking a walk with a microphone. In the process, they document the sounds in their environment and consciously perceive them. The conversation develops into a field recording of sounds they encounter on their way.

Julia Runge, who grew up in Cologne, has always had a strong interest in music. She used to play the flute to replay songs from the radio, but today it’s guitar, piano, bass and vocals that have broadened her spectrum. In 2020, she did a one-year internship at the International Film School Cologne (ifs) in production design, where she discovered her interest in working with wood. After her internship at ON Cologne, she started working in a carpentry shop.

Jannis Carbotta is a musician and sound artist, currently living in Cologne and studying “Musik & Medien” at the Robert Schumann Hochschule in Düsseldorf. The focus of Jannis’ artistic work lies in the field of tension between analog and digital spaces. His musical approach sometimes focuses on processed field recordings of sound textures, sometimes it consists of experiments on synthesizers and electronic guitar. In addition to his studies, he is active in various band formations as a guitarist, bassist and producer, and curates radio shows as a DJ. In February he released his first solo EP “A Magic Spin” on the Kame House label.

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Mastering by Kerim Butz.