ONpaper: Financing Plan and Accounting

In order for the funding to be fully utilized after approval, the funding projects must be processed correctly in terms of content and finances. The basis for this is the cost financing plan, the function of which changes slightly with the approval. The workshop teaches how funding can be correctly claimed and correctly accounted for and how to properly document and prepare proof of use.

Correct communication with funding providers will also be discussed, as this is often the best protection against reclaims and unnecessary work steps.

The online workshop aims to impart basic knowledge and works with input units, group discussions, small group tasks and peer-to-peer exchange.

WED April 17 2024
4-5:30 PM
Workshop leader: Marion Czogalla
Language: English
Sign up: The workshops are free of charge! Please register using the registration form.

There is also a German version of the workshop on April 16.

The workshops are aimed at artists and organisers from the independent contemporary music scene in Cologne and Berlin and are free of charge.

ONpaper is a joint workshop series by ON Cologne and inm / field notes berlin