ONpaper: Time and self management

»music management & economy«

Tomorrow is the application deadline! Where is that email? What did Fred want from me
again? Wasn’t that already cleared up? Oops, something slipped through my fingers. Why
is my plan not working again? This is all too much for me. I’m hungry.
We all know the balancing act between what we want to do and what we have time for.
There is a veritable flood of advice on the subject of time management on the market. This
online workshop first introduces basic tools such as the Pareto Principle, Eisenhower
Square and ALPEN Method, which can be easily used. In the second part, it offers space
for exchanging ideas on personal problems and possible solutions. Outlook is used as an
example to show what help email programmes and online calendars can offer, but the
notebook with the pen can also be given a chance, depending on individual taste.

Nicolette Schäfer is responsible for dramaturgy and planning at ACHT BRÜCKEN | Musik for Cologne. She earned her doctorate in music and theatre studies and began in music and theatre studies and began working in cultural management during her studies. from very different perspectives: as an honorary member of the board of a choir, in the Berlin off-scene and finally, after internships at the Salzburg Festival, in a permanent Festival in a permanent position with subsidiaries of KölnMusik / Kölner Philharmonie (MusikTriennale). Philharmonie (MusikTriennale Köln / ACHT BRÜCKEN). For over 20 years she has been a working mother of 3 sons, she has been practised in certain moments to little under the table.

Wed, 21.09.2022, 4–5.30 pm in German spoken language

We ask for binding registrations via this link.

The workshops are free of charge.

Unfortunately, the online workshop is not accessible at all levels. We will make every effort to accommodate different needs and adapt the workshop if you provide us with appropriate information in the registration.

The digital workshops are aimed at artists from the independent contemporary music scene in Cologne and Berlin.

About ONpaper
digital workshop series by inm berlin / field notes and ON Cologne

In this year’s online workshop series ONpaper, which we are again organizing together with the initiative neue musik / field notes experts will teach basic skills for working in the independent scene.

Under the heading »Project Funding« we will get you ready for grant applications in autumn with introductions to the funding landscapes of Berlin and Cologne, application writing, or accounting.

In a second block of workshops, topics such as time management, ensemble management, as well as insights into the music business, will direct our attention to the world around the music stands. Even if terms such as »business« and »time management« can seem daunting at first, the modules will be designed to be vivd and interactive so that both experienced musicians and newcomers can feel at ease.

The workshops are aimed at artists from the independent contemporary music scene in Cologne and Berlin and are free of charge. We ask for binding registrations.

Please feel free to contact us with your ideas or suggestions at marketing@inm-berlin.de or info@on-cologne.de.

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