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NOIES 03/23 | May & June

NOIES for May and June is out! And it is not just any issue. With NOIES 03/23 we can celebrate the first birthday of the… Read More

ONpaper workshops 2023

In this year’s online workshop series ONpaper, which we are organizing again together with inm / field notes berlin, experts will teach basic skills for… Read More

ONpaper: Financing plan & accounting

In the application process, a financing plan is, in a way, the feasibility study of the project description. The workshop provides a basic knowledge of… Read More

ONpaper: Writing workshop for grant applications

The workshop invites to consider proposal writing as a sharpening of project ideas and less as a necessary evil to get funding – which it… Read More

»Der Weg vom Geräusch zum Klang« mit Julia Runge

Last fall, Julia Runge did an internship with us. One of her tasks was to produce her own podcast. “Der Weg vom Geräusch zum Klang”… Read More

»Fact and Fiction II« with Friedemann Dupelius (& Áron Birtalan)

Photos: Pitt Wenninger (top), Daniel Donato (bottom) After a radio essay about Swabian potato salad in the first part of the podcast has already drawn… Read More