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Climate Handprint – Motivating People to Act (Workshop)

Do good and talk about it! For a long time, climate communication focussed on footprints and renunciation, which can slow down the motivation to act. Read More

Sustainable Resource Management for Smaller Venues and Project Spaces (Workshop)

The workshop focusses on the ecologically sustainable design of project spaces and smaller stages. Waste and resource conservation, energy efficiency and water are just a… Read More

Mobility: Audience (Workshop)

Studies have shown that travelling to concerts is one of the main sources of CO₂ emissions in the cultural sector. The workshop presents mobility concepts… Read More

Community of Practice workshops

Interest in sustainable development and its many interwoven ecological, social and economic dimensions has increased significantly in the cultural sector in recent years. For this… Read More

ChezON with Marco Pascarelli, Hanna Schörken & Christina Zurhausen

More live performance than usual at our ChezON workshop talk series awaits you in May: Marco Pascarelli and the duo of Hanna Schörken and Christina… Read More