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ONpaper: Communication and PR in contemporary music

How can the press and people from the music industry be persuaded with a few words not only to open a promo e-mail – but… Read More

ONpaper: Diversity development in projects of the independent contemporary music scene

Artists and organizations in the independent scene are in the fortunate position of being able to determine the working methods on and off stage as… Read More

ONpaper: Allyship! How to do it, how not to do it?

The workshop will be about coming to terms with one's own privileges and how to use them meaningfully on behalf of marginalized people without taking the focus off the demands of those affected. Together we would like to develop concrete strategies on how to actively practice solidarity in our field of work and in our society. Read More

ONpaper: Recognising and dismantling racism

The year 2020 has (finally) given the issue of racism the attention it needs in order to engage as a whole society against racist discrimination. Read More

The Trautonium is alive

The Origins of Electronic Music – A hands-on workshop on the forefather of synthesizers with Peter Pichler at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. In the evening, when the university closes, the trautonium comes to life ... Read More

ONpaper Workshop Series 2022

In this year’s online workshop series Onpaper, which we are again organizing together with the initiative neue musik / field notes experts will teach basic… Read More

ONpaper Förderstammtisch

The best way to learn about interesting funding programs and upcoming deadlines is to talk to colleagues. That’s why we invite you once a quarter… Read More

ONpaper Budget and Accounting

In the application process, a financing plan is, in a way, the feasibility study of the project description. The workshop provides a basic knowledge of… Read More

ONpaper writing workshop

It is said that it is often only through writing a project proposal that one becomes aware of the conceptual weaknesses and problems of a… Read More

ONpaper Application Fitness

The new music of our time is visibly breaking away from Eurocentric traditions and concepts and opening up to new influences. However, established funding structures… Read More