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ONpaper: Concert organisation from A to Z

»music management & economy« You have successfully acquired a concert or are planning to organise one yourself?Congratulations! You have decided that the concert will… Read More

ONpaper: The music universe

»music management & economy« Listeners, musicians, music labels, publishers, radio stations, streaming services, recordshops, concert organisers and collecting societies – they are all part… Read More

ONpaper: How do I become more creative?

»music management & economy« A muscle training for creativity from work to chance The term creativity is on everyone’s lips again these days. Our… Read More

ONpaper: Time and self management

»music management & economy« Tomorrow is the application deadline! Where is that email? What did Fred want from meagain? Wasn’t that already cleared up?… Read More

ONpaper: Budget and Accounting #2

»Project Funding« The project is approved, the KFP is updated – and now? In order for the grant money to be used in full… Read More

ONpaper: Budget and Accounting #1

»Project Funding« In the application process, a financing plan is, in a way, the feasibility study of the project description. The workshop provides a… Read More

ONpaper: Writing workshop for grant funding

»Project Funding« It is said that it is often only through writing a project proposal that one becomes aware of the conceptual weaknesses and… Read More

ONpaper: Introduction to the project funding

»Project Funding« This workshop offers an introduction to project funding in the field of contemporary music. We will give an overview of the funding… Read More

Meet the Jury: Impuls neue Musik

The application deadline for the German-French-Swiss Fund for Contemporary Music Impulse neue Musik is on June 1st, 2022. If you still have questions about the funding program, "Meet The Jury" is the right place for you: In the info event, we will present the funding program and a member of the respective jury will answer your questions about the application process and the funding criteria. On May 16, Sophie Aumüller, director of "Impuls neue Musik," and Bernhard Günther, who was appointed to the jury in 2018, will be our guests to introduce the fund and report from the jury's work. Read More

ONpaper: Social media for the independent contemporary music scene

Social media work is more important than ever for the independent scene. Unfortunately, however, its potential is often not yet ideally utilized by its actors. Read More