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Kabelsalat – A good flow from A to B. Technical workshop for girls, women and queer people.

Whether in the rehearsal room, on stage or for spontaneous sessions in peculiar places: one thing is always missing. Sometimes it’s batteries, cables or a… Read More

ONpaper: Introducing GVL

You are a musician and your recordings are played on the radio? Do you market your productions yourself with your own label or are you a pure label owner? Read More

postponed! ONpaper: Introducing KSK

Social insurance for artists - so that freelancers can work freely! Social security for self-employed artists and publicists. The aim is to make the legal material of the Artists' Social Insurance Act (KSVG), which is quite unknown or seemingly unclear to many, better known and understandable. Read More

ONpaper: Introducing GEMA

In our ONpaper, Benjamin Lambert presents the to-do's for a successful exploitation of live music in public spaces as an organiser. In addition to an overview of the entire process from event to payment to members, there will be insights into software development and setlist creation. Case studies of the end-to-end process will provide space for your questions – and help for a smooth music registration! Read More

ONpaper workshops 2023

In this year’s online workshop series ONpaper, which we are organizing again together with inm / field notes berlin, experts will teach basic skills for… Read More

ONpaper: Financing plan & accounting

In the application process, a financing plan is, in a way, the feasibility study of the project description. The workshop provides a basic knowledge of… Read More

ONpaper: Writing workshop for grant applications

The workshop invites to consider proposal writing as a sharpening of project ideas and less as a necessary evil to get funding – which it… Read More

ONpaper workshops

About ONpaperdigital workshop series by inm berlin / field notes and ON Cologne The online workshop series ONpaper, which we are again organizing together with… Read More

ONpaper: Concert organisation from A to Z

»music management & economy« You have successfully acquired a concert or are planning to organise one yourself?Congratulations! You have decided that the concert will… Read More

ONpaper: The music universe

»music management & economy« Listeners, musicians, music labels, publishers, radio stations, streaming services, recordshops, concert organisers and collecting societies – they are all part… Read More