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Telekinetic Dreams [POLYMER 2021]

Foto: Hubert Steins Biodata. Light installation. Sound structures. Real-time sonification of visitors’ body data. Medicalmeasuring devices transform data streams into electromechanical audio signals. Energy source… Read More

A.001 [POLYMER 2021]

Videostill: Nazgol Emami Effects. DIY. Loop. The first model of a new modular system presents its abilities. Rasperry Pi and circuit board in C# and… Read More

Hackmeck [POLYMER 2021]

Screenshot: Nazgol Emami Fractals. Similarity. Modules. Three computers connect into a meta instrument. In division of lavour, meta data is fed into the circuit. A… Read More

Songs for Seals [POLYMER 2021]

Screenshot: Maria Wildeis, Alisa Berger Glitch. Seals. Collage. Sounds of sleeping seals off the coast of Iceland, Greenland and the Arctic. Robbenzentrum Föhr, 360° and… Read More

POLYMER – Reihe für Experimentalelektronik

Summer 2021. In four experimental setups the variables are being reorganized. Analogue-digital, human-animal, online-local, audio-visual, multimedial – we continue the POLYMER – Reihe für Experimentalelektronik… Read More