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Simon Rummel »Wechselseitig«

Foto: Rie Watanabe Simon Rummel is a composer with a penchant for the visual arts. For the ON Podcast in March, he spoke with two… Read More

Verena Barié »Let’s be lateral«

Foto: Loreto Quijada In two episodes, Verena Barié opens the door to the dialectical culture of discussion and calls for an active shift between convergent… Read More

Carl Ludwig Hübsch »Was heißt hier Bohème?«

Foto: Heiko Specht In May, the microphone belongs to tuba player, improviser, composer and organiser Carl Ludwig Hübsch. In his two episodes, he explores the… Read More

Leonhard Huhn »N Zero Elga NS«

Foto: Peter Tümmers The spaceship N Zero Elga NS has gotten out of control and crashed into the planet »Impakt«. On board is saxophonist Leonhard… Read More

Echo Ho »Blob’s Love Affair and I«

Foto: “babbling (mono)” video still © Echo Ho With Blob, her co-host, Echo Ho opens a dialogue to broaden the anthropocentric perspective on the coexistence… Read More

Mt Wobble »Kommerz – Kunst – Gemeinschaft«

Foto: Marcus Zilz We built a really good recording studio because we wanted to, but also to be very professional. Now we want to offer… Read More

Thea Soti »ElectroCute«

Foto: Taisiia Chernyshova Sound artist and vocalist Thea Soti invites us to a personal listening session to share her current favourite tracks from the electronic… Read More

Helena Cánovas i Parés »Have you met…?«

Foto: Ester Cánovas In her two episodes in October, composer Helena Cánovas i Parés invites her guests to play a little game – what is… Read More

Corné Roos »Small Sounds«

Fotos: Dario Scandura | Castro Pizzo Corné Roos invites his fellow composer Ezequiel Mellaned to follow the small sounds in November. Together they have initiated… Read More

Isabelle Finou »Musicality and Modulation«

Foto: Rasmus Nordholt-Frieling Singer and performance artist Isabelle Finou visits music philosopher Rasmus Nordholt-Frieling in the December episodes. As a musician and thinker, he deals… Read More