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Mt Wobble »Kommerz – Kunst – Gemeinschaft«

Foto: Marcus Zilz We built a really good recording studio because we wanted to, but also to be very professional. Now we want to offer… Read More

Thea Soti »ElectroCute«

Foto: Taisiia Chernyshova Sound artist and vocalist Thea Soti invites us to a personal listening session to share her current favourite tracks from the electronic… Read More

Helena Cánovas i Parés »Have you met…?«

Foto: Ester Cánovas In her two episodes in October, composer Helena Cánovas i Parés invites her guests to play a little game – what is… Read More

Corné Roos »Small Sounds«

Fotos: Dario Scandura | Castro Pizzo Corné Roos invites his fellow composer Ezequiel Mellaned to follow the small sounds in November. Together they have initiated… Read More

Isabelle Finou »Musicality and Modulation«

Foto: Rasmus Nordholt-Frieling Singer and performance artist Isabelle Finou visits music philosopher Rasmus Nordholt-Frieling in the December episodes. As a musician and thinker, he deals… Read More

Timm Roller »A materialism in sound«

Timm Roller is a musician and sound designer. In two podcast episodes he explores sound and music as a tangible and spatial phenomenon: Sound as… Read More