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Akiko Ahrendt »Relevant Systems«

Foto: Akiko Ahrendt Violinist, composer and sound worker Akiko Ahrendt raises the big questions in July: How socially relevant are music and art anyway? And… Read More

Maria Wildeis »Noise and Music«

Foto: Maria Wildeis For four podcasts in August, curator Maria Wildeis enters the world of visual artists who see sound and music as part of… Read More

Tamon Yashima »Nerds and Currywurst«

Foto: Rebecca ter Braak The composer and oboist Tamon Yashima takes us to the Ruhr region – from the snack bar to the scene nerd. Read More

Nathalie Blum »Sound & Space«

Foto: Wjatscheslaw Brum Height, length, width, time. Sound is four-dimensional. Sound without space, space without sound – for sound artist and architect Nathalie Brum, both… Read More

Salim Javaid »Working Titel: Improvisation vs Composition«

Foto: Frederike Wetzels Salim Javaid is a Cologne-based saxophonist who is equally active in new music and free improvised music, and particularly enjoys working at… Read More

Sonae + Hoening »We actually make music«

Foto: Pia Bergerbusch In December, producers and sound artists Sonae and Philipp Hoening give us four reasons to shut up and listen: »We actually make… Read More

Kai Niggemann »How we talk«

FOTO: Center for Literature, Münster Kai Niggemann is a sound artist from Cologne. He is currently using a very personal approach and his Buchla 200e… Read More

Georgia Koumará »Body and Language«

Foto: Eirini Fountedaki Georgia Koumará asks about the connection between body, music and language in February’s ON Podcast. In the first episode she meets video… Read More

Simon Rummel »Wechselseitig«

Foto: Rie Watanabe Simon Rummel is a composer with a penchant for the visual arts. For the ON Podcast in March, he spoke with two… Read More

Verena Barié »Let’s be lateral«

Foto: Loreto Quijada In two episodes, Verena Barié opens the door to the dialectical culture of discussion and calls for an active shift between convergent… Read More