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Dietmar Saxler: »Artists Talk In Ambient (with Waltraud Blischke & Tasos Stamou)«

Photos: Vincent Stange (top), Waltraud Blischke (bottom) The 2nd podcast by Dietmar Saxler entitled “Artists Talk In Ambient” is an artist talk with Tasos Stamou… Read More

Dietmar Saxler »Ambient zwischen elektronischer Musik und zeitgenössischer Klassik« (with Joseph Baader & Vincent Stange)

Photos: Vincent Stange (top), Sebastian Fecke (bottom left), Lambert Windges (bottom right) The podcast was recorded in the church Neu St. Alban. The interview between… Read More

Shuoxin Tan »Articulated Network (with Ensemble [ _ _ _ ])«

Another walk and talk hosted by Shuoxin Tan, one of the members from collaborative algorithmic network-music ensemble [ _ _ _ ]. Read More

Damian T. Dziwis »Es gibt kein Richtiges […] im Falschen«

Machine Autonomy in Music. How does artificial intelligence change our understanding of creativity and its results? Damian T. Dziwis meets Christian Faubel and Christian Banasik. Read More

Bettina Wenzel »foreign oxygen«

Foreign guest artists are catalysts, refreshing oxygen for the German cultural scene. Bettina Wenzel invites to travellers to her podcast episodes. Read More

Mazyar Kashian »Considerations On Form«

Mazyar Kashian, who is composing in music, reflects with Friedrich Jaecker, himself a composer and author, on a fundamental topic in music: In two movements they talk about form. Read More

Annie Bloch »Pipe Fiction«

Photo: Leonie Braun A broadcast about pipe organs and their narratives. In the first episode, Annie speaks with the composer and sound artist Jan Vysocky… Read More

Hanna Schörken »Getting up with Hanna«

Foto: Hanna Schörken Hanna kicks off with eye yoga for all those who only work in front of the computer in lockdown. Her guest is… Read More

Niklas Seidl »Hanging Our Together Alone«

Foto: Paulette Penje Composer and cellist Niklas Seidl will create four editions of the ON Podcast in the month of May and report on the… Read More

Lorenz Rommelspacher »Pink Noise«

Foto: Ulrike Kase Audiovisualist Lorenz Rommelspacher studied in Cologne, but now lives and works in Amsterdam. In his four ONpodcast episodes, he devotes himself to… Read More