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»Fact and Fiction I« with Friedemann Dupelius

Photo: Pitt Wenninger Friedemann Dupelius produces the two ONpodcast episodes in March! In every sound there is a little story about the world. In his… Read More

ColLAB Cologne IV – gem_einsam

We are looking forward to an evening entitled »gem_einsam« in the fourth concert of the ColLAB Cologne Ensemble. With the aim of presenting themselves as… Read More

ChezON with Jiyun Park

Foto: S.Ruppiger / KHM We are very happy to have Jiyun Park as a guest at ChezON in April! In her work, sound artist and… Read More

»Between Music and Dance« Collaboration Chat with Anna Neubert (and Elsa Artmann, Annie Bloch, Silvia Ehnis Perez Duarte, Vincent Michalke)

Photos: Rebecca ter Braak (top), Arne Schmitt (1st and 2nd bottom left), Robin Junick (2nd from right), Jörn Neumann (bottom right) Where do free experimental… Read More

ChezON with Kai Niggemann

Photo: Nina Gschlößl Soundartist Kai Niggemann is our March guest at ChezON – attention, this time on a Thursday! At ChezON Kai will present the… Read More

OPEN CALL – ON After School

Until April 30, artists and publicists can apply for the ON After School mini-grant. With the grant, participants can develop workshops from their own working… Read More